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. >>> good evening, coming up, nascar's nationwide race gets too close for comfort in daytona. steven straussburg is working on his mid-season form and alex ovechkin is back and has many hats to prove it and first hoops. the stories for the wizards this season. they rise to the occasion and mean that they play to the level of their opponent and they prove to hang with some big dogs and on that first half. and this is the wide open lay- up for him and up a point, 95- 94 and with that less than 30 to go and drives the fast field and lays it in to tie the game at 103 and the game high, 27 points. wizards up 1. okafor misses the free throw and the rebound. the wizards hold on and beat the rockets 105-103. the sixth straight win with the team and record over 500. >> and they're the worst team in the nba and when you play against us and that is -- and everyone is going to compete hard and if they take us for granted and with the best of them. >> and with georgetown and syracuse, it marked the end of an era and that is the final time they faced off in conference play at the carrier d
. it happened just moments ago. it was a fiery crash that marked the end of today's nascar race in daytona. take a look now at these incredible images that are coming in. there is the video of that crash. listen. >> and a terrible crash coming to the finish. >> this is a big, big wreck. >> kyle larson's car with the front end. >> again, images of that crash, you can see it now in slow motion, sent that car hurdling toward the grandstand. engine parts flying right into the crowd. it happened on the final lap of nascar's nationwide race. our joe carter is there. also a cnn employee, john newsome, who was there too, just trying to enjoy the race. they both join us now by phone. joe, i'm going to start with you. what did you see? what is going on here? >> well, don, our location where we've been working from is basically called victory lane. it's in the infield of this track. so we weren't able to see very well the crash itself. we could hear the crash. so i was watching on the television like a lot of folks at home, and saw tyler larson's car get airborne and absolutely get shredded across that cat
sights set on winning nascar's biggest race. >> and i always feel like i have more to proving. i feel like i have to keep earning my respect and earning my keep and showing people that i belong. captioning funded by cbs >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for friday, february 22nd, 2013. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. well, this morning a large part of the midwest is digging out after a massive winter storm dumped up to 17 inches of snow in some areas. the storm shut down governments, schools, and transportation. travel in some areas is impossible. hundreds of flights have been canceled this morning, and at least two traffic deaths are blamed on the storm. some of the largest accumulations were in kansas where the national guard is patrolling roadways. one meteorologist said it was pouring snow there. at one point a 200-mile stretch of interstate 70 was shut down. >>> iowa is one of at least 15 states under a winter storm warning or watch this morning. heavy blinding snow fell there overnight and is not expected to end until this afternoon
in the only thing that protects the fans from injury or death at nascar's biggest race. that reinforced fencing wall at the daytona international speedway mangled by a fiery crash, leaving many to wonder, will the super bowl of nascar racing, the daytona 500, even run tomorrow? but to start us off tonight, we have new incredible video of today's fiery crash. we take you right into the stands, in the middle of the chaos. watch. and here's how it all started. the multi-car smash-up happened seconds before the checkered flag at today's nationwide series race. the cars were packed tonight jostling for position racing at the top of their speed. they got tangled up. the collision sent kyle larson's 32 car hurtling toward the fence that's supposed to protect the fans. some crashing through and over that fence. 14 people were taken to hospitals. frantic repairs to the track are going on right now as we speak. we'll update you on this story throughout the hour tonight. nascar reacted immediately to the crash. i talked with driver brad keselowski just moments after it happened. at that point, he
is coming up in sports. >> this is 11 sports. nascar was holding its collective breath during >> nascar was-- holding its collective breath during today's daytona 500. luckily, the incident did not turn tragic. the fans are expected to recover. danica patrick was on the pole during the driver introduction -- on the pole. drain the driver introduction, she got a huge ovation -- during the driver introduction, she got a huge ovation. she led five laps on the day. brad keselowski caused a huge rack. carl edwards also involved. we go to the final lap and a familiar face is leading the pack. jimmie johnson takes the checkered flag for his second daytona 500 victory. taylor and her, junior, second. danica patrick -- dale earnhardt, junior, second. danica patrick faded and came in eighth. the prospects trying to raise their data -- draft stock. the fastest way is to post a great time in the 40-yard dash. that's what tavon austin did today. he was flying, posting an official speed of 4.34 seconds, just behind the fastest time of chrisme, recorded by johnson at 4.24 seconds. tavon is one of the top
james liasson ty. >> brand-new information about the horrific crash that injured dozens of nascar fans. >> a live look at the daytona speedway where crews worked through the night to repair a gaping hole in the catch fence. thank goodness this was there. a car careened off the track, hurling debris into the stands. even part of the engine. the people were lined up along the fence as the cargoes airborne. the fence ripping off the front of the vehicle, sending chunks of metal into the crowd. here's what some fans had to say. >> i didn't realize he was hurt as bad until i saw him laying over and his leg was bleeding pretty bad. we all tried to help him. i grabbed my belt and wrapped it around his leg. he's cut from his -- from right here all the way down to his knee almost. he's in there and he's doing fine. the first thing he said was i hate i'm going to miss that race. >> good morning, welcome to "america's news headquarters." the race will go on today. >> good morning. >> good to see everybody. speedway officials are of course investigating what exactly caused the crash and they say i
the lead halfway through. the first woman to lead for a full lap at nascar's biggest race. stayed near the front of the pack but fell back. as she prepared to take the wheel she looked laser focused. during the week she had the fastest qualifying time. at the starting line, patrick got a nod from actor james franko. >> drivers and danica start your engines! [cheers and applause] >> reporter: it has been a dramatic week at the track. fans were injured on saturday during the final lap of another race. a car went into the the tpeps sending tire and debris into stands. 14 fans were taken to the hospital. two remain there with serious but stable condition injuries. workers repaired the fence in time for today's race. >> as for patrick, despite her loss, danica mania is at an all- time. that is good news for her responsibility ors go and o.p.i. many nascar fans will be watching the next race. cbs news, daytona beach. >> and dennis will have the rest of the race highlights later on in sports. >>> a 22-year-old, lopez, wanted in contphebgz to a
>> good morning. coming up next on eyewitness news. nascar crash. doesn't hurt after a car slides into the stands during the race at the daytona speedway. what nascar officials are saying about the daytona 500. >> good morning. the losses piling up against john hopkins after a doctor is accused of secretly taping his patients. i am rochelle ritchey. all have that story up next. >> plus, if the pope's last sunday prayer. thousands gathered to hear the pope's final words before retirement. the latest on that and how catholics here in maryland are honoring the pontiff. >>> taking a live look outside. a mostly cloudy morning, but could the afternoon bright not? meteorologist tim williams has the answer. and -- >> and i'm sharing kabbalah where we are doing a little antiquing. we are at maryland's antique show of hunt valley where there are more than 140 dealers here and we will tell you all about it. eyewitness news is seconds away. >> this is wjz-tv. baltimore. >> from the city to the county to your neighborhood. now, it's
in the northeast. >>> when we come back, the aftermath of a wild weekend for nascar. >>> plus business news, have gas prices finally topped out? new indications that relief is on the way. >>> and we'll go back to l.a., for much more on the oscars, the morning after. including the most talked about dress on the red carpet. stay with us. >>> welcome back. gas prices are getting closer to $4 a gallon. but they might not get there. gasoline this morning averages $3.78 a gallon, 47 cents more than a month ago. there's hope. the wholesale price is coming down as refineries finish annual maintenance. >>> bp goes on trial today on whether it violated the clean water act in the oil spill three years ago. there are reports on progress on a settlement. opening arguments are scheduled for today. >>> there will be unhappy workers at yahoo! this morning. the internet company no longer wants employees to work from home. a leaked memo says speed and quality are often sacrificed when employees are not physically together. the employees are blaming new ceo marissa mayer for the changes. >>> the airline industry se
of complete chaos. nascar reports more than 30 hurt. 14 taken to daytona hospitals. among the most serious, a child in critical, but stable condition. >> fans want to be close to the action at daytona. if you were to walk by the fence here, you will feel it. your hair will literally be sucked sideways because are you so close to the action. that's what fans want. >> reporter: amazingly, kyle larsen walked away from the accident and no other drivers seriously hurt. they moved quickly to repair damage to the fence and retaining wall ahead of today's daytona 500, its signature race. as nascar said, it would take a close look at what happened. >> we need to take the type to study it, see what we can improve on and if we can, certainly the safety of our fans is first and foremost and we'll make that happen. >> it can be risky business navigating the heavily horsepowers cars. as one driver said after the accident, we assume the risk. it shouldn't be the fans. and the speedway worked overnight to repair and replace the retaining wall and the fence that was damaged in the accident. daytona is read
crosss the finish line with nascar controversy exploding to daytona this weekend. if you listen to d.c. politicians you think sequestration will end life as we know it, planes falling out of skies, kids starving, bridging crumbling. listen. >> people will lose their jobs. >> fewer f.b.i. agents o on the job made sure air travel could be crippled. >> it will be painful for the flying public. >> hurt a lot of mom and dads. >> parents have to scram to believe find child care. >> everyone thinks bad things are going to happen. >> we have to stop this from happening. >> dangit, they need to get the job done. >> educators will be laid off. >> 40,000 teachers could lose their jobs. >> the cuts will harm middle class families. the uncertainty is already having an effect. >> eric: both sides are at fault. bipartisan fear-mongering. nothing will change come friday. in fact, get this. webb sequestration, washington will still spend more this year and every year going forward. there are no cuts. only smaller increases. greg, you have been worried about this all weekend. >> greg: i haven't slept
strassmann reports the race car driver is more concerned about where she finishes in nascar's biggest race. >> ready to race. >> reporter: danica patrick in the lime green number 10 car had the fastest qualifying time for nascar's biggest race. more than 196 miles per hour. >> that's a great lap, guys. >> reporter: the 30-year-old who gained fame for racing against the boys and for her racy tv commercials says she wants more. >> reporter: so is winning the pole enough or to establish yourself as a nascar driver do you have to win one of these things? >> i feel like i have more to prove. i feel like i have to keep earning my respect and earning my keep and showing i belong. >> reporter: even as a go-cart racer in illinois, she said she was not raised to be the fastest girl, but the fastest driver. >> what are you going to do today? >> i'm going to win today. >> reporter: in 2009 she finished fourth in the indianapolis 500. >> this is absolutely amazing. >> reporter: then switched to the more rough-and-tumble nascar circuit for a new challenge. >> danica's sideways
in the lime green number 10 car had the fastest qualifying time for nascar's biggest race, more than 196 miles per hour. >> that was a great lap, guys! >> reporter: the 30-year-old who gained fame for racing against the boys and for her racy tv commercials, says she wants more. so, is winning the pole enough or to establish yourself as a nascar driver, do you have to win one of these things? >> i always feel like i have more to prove. i feel like i have to keep earning the respect and earning my keep and showing people that i belong. >> reporter: even as a nine- year-old go-cart racer in illinois, patrick says she was not raised to be the fastest girl but the fastest driver. >> what are you going to do today? >> i'm going to win. >> reporter: in 2005, patrick finished fourth in her first indianapolis 500. >> this is absolutely amazing! >> reporter: then switched to the more rough-and-tumble nascar circuit for a new challenge. >> danica sideways. oh, no, into the wall. >> reporter: but she crashed in two of her first ten races last year, and her average finish was 28th. still, nascar is heavily
. there was no stopping nascar's super bowl. >> let's just go racing. >> reporter: the daytona 500 went on as planned a day after a nightmarish crash on the very same track. 28 fans were hurt, 12 admitted to local hospitals. some were seated 40 rows up when a car on the last lap of a race crashed into the fence and split apart, sending chunks of metal and a tire high into the grandstand. >> we were really shook up. i mean, just because we thought, this really happened and we were, you know, so close. >> reporter: heather hovington came back for today's 500 but was glad her seats weren't too close. officials promised a careful review. >> i think the key is we sit down and review everything in terms of what happened. >> reporter: the catch fence separating the track from the crowd is 22 feet high, but some question whether that is high enough and if the grandstand is too close, but it is that ability to almost reach out and touch them that has been part of nascar's culture. >> fans want to be close to the action at daytona and if you were to walk by the fence here, you will feel it. your hair will be s
is now getting to find them. >> drivers start your engines. >> danica patrick makes nascar history, what she is looking to do next. >> one actor micks history -- makes history and another gets tripped up. and good evening. it is a mystery in south america, how did a couple vanish in peru. u.s. officials are getting involved. don knapp spoke with friends of the couple who said they haven't heard from the couple in a month. >> she is a fun loving bicyclists. in december she and her boyfriend left the bay area for the bike ride of their lives. now friends and family are concerned about their whereabouts. >> i understand there is some dangerous areas in the places they were visiting. have warnings for american tourists so i am worried about them and the fact there has been no communication for a month. >> the couple posted pictures on facebook but on january 25 the communication ended. her sisters hope it is just a communication problem and nothing more. >> i haven't seen a video of her since january 25 so to me anything could have happened since then. i hope she is having a blast. >> repor
of the nascar nationwide race sent a car hurdling towards spectators at the finish line. several fans were hurt when the car went airborne as you saw and crashed right into the chain link barrier fence. the crash ripped that car in half leaving the burning engine wedges in the fence and sending debris into the stands. the driver, kyle larsson was not hurt. local hospitals are saying they're expecting ten patients now. nascar says it's not sure yet exactly how many people have been hurt. again, the daytona 500, nascar's biggest race of the year is set for tomorrow. >>> also tonight, sad news from prince george's county. a young girl died from her injuries in that house fire in glenarden. 11-year-old daja price had been in critical condition since the fire that killed her father and two sisters thursday morning. and tonight county firefighters want to make sure families are thinking about safety. darcy spencer flif glen arden tonight with that story. >> reporter: this was just devastating news from this community that was already dealing with a horrible loss. this is what's left of the home that
of the fence and it was one of those deals where you touched your head. >> the crash injured at least 33 nascar fans watching the nationwide series race. a tire and large pieces of the damaged car made it through or over a fence that's there to protect spectators. nascar officials say despite the damage, the daytona 500 will go on. >> we transported 14 people off the property and treated 14 people at or on-track care facility. >> it was a chain reaction crash that ended with driver kyle larson's car going airborne, smashing into the fence. the burning engine lied there. fans ran to get away from the out of control car gli don't know where kyle came from in relation to all of us but an heck of an ending to a good race. >> he says it won't stop him from going to the daytona 500 tomorrow. >> if you go to a hockey game, hockey pucks fly up there. if you go to a baseball game, that's even more dangerous. the baseball can come right over the dugout and there's nothing to protect you there. >> nascar officials plan to make repai repa repairs to the fence. he says he's not worried about going to the ra
fences before one of nascar's biggest races, tonight the latest on the accident that left spectators injured. good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm adam may. a bittersweet day in florida one day after a wreck sends car debris flying into the stands. several fans were rushed to the hospital. >> reporter: jimmy johnson took the checkered -- jimmie johnson took the checkered flag at the 55th running of the daytona 500, but all eyes were on danica patrick, the first woman to lead for a full lap at nascar's biggest race. she stayed near the front of the pack but eventually fell back. as she prime ministered to take the wheel, patrick was laser focused. during the week she had the fastest qualifying time. at the starting line patrick got a nod from actor james franco. >> drivers and danica, start your engines! >> reporter: it's been a dramatic week at the track. 33 fans were injured saturday during the final lap of another race. a car flew into the fence sending a tire and debris into stands. 14 fans were taken to the hospital. two r
. the front of car shears off. debris floods at grand stands. >> i'm adam map more than two dozen nascar fans injured in a crash. andrea diaz has the latest. >> reporter: a multicar crash on the la lap of the nascar nationwide series sends debris into fans rookie kyle larson's number 32 car flew into a fence that separates the track from the stands. the engine landed on the divide. a tire and other pieces of the car came to rest in the grandstands. >> you have to realize, a motor was sitting in the stands, and a wheel. not a tire, a wheel with a brake drum on it and everything flying over your head. >> reporter: rescue crews quickly moved with stretchers to help fans. terry huckabee says a piece of metal ripped apart his brother's leg. >> i didn't think he was hurt bad until i looked down and he was laying down and his leg was bleeding bad. >> reporter: veteran tony stewart won the race, but said this is not a time to celebrate. >> i wish i didn't have a rear view mirror, because that was an ugly site. >> reporter: officials will be work around the
for nascar to have the drivers checked. they were all looked at. they were all released. we expect the speedway president and steve o'donnell, both of them are expected to make an announcement at at 7:00 p.m. and hopefully give us more information on the spectators and to the degree they were injured. we expect an announcement whether they will start the race at 1:00 p.m. eastern, that is less than 17 hours from now. you have to figure, the amount of damage that was done to the retaining wall and the catch fence and the seats, it will take quite a lot of manpower and time to fix that. so, i guess, we will be waiting to see when we get that announcement, whether or not they will be able to start the race at 1:00 p.m., don. >> exactly and we had video earlier from the video of them repairing the retaining wall and whether or not that can be fixed in time. because, joe, that is really what saves the spectators in the event of an event like this one. >> reporter: yeah, that is the catch fence, it did its job for the most part. and it was able to prevent a lot more injuries. perhaps eve
♪ >> a fox urgent. nascar brought to a stand still at this hour. during the nationwide race a short time ago, fans were on the feet cheering and suddenly a car sailed in the grandstand. >> tone stewart will win the race and a terrible crash on the finished . we are awaiting a news conference . we'll take it to you for now the car raced through the guard rail and pierced through the fence. that was kyle larson. it didn't end there. larson front car ripped away . fans saw all of this happening close up. they were scream jumping out of the way . you could see a tire sitting in one of the seats. we have pictures of tharks too. medical crews arriving to help. 11 people were hurt. some of them seriously injured. you can see the crews cleaning up the carnage off and on the we are waiting for that news conference. we'll monitor for new information . our chief meteorologist is at the international dayton speed way. rick, you would have covered a fun assign now breaking news and you other than not far away from the crash? >> i wasn't. when you look at the race track you can see where the cras
. >>> nascar steps up to the plate for the families of sandy hook victims. i'll ask driver michael waltrip about the new 26 car he is driving at daytona this weekend, and about the message he is sending. >>> 150 fbi agents raid the scooter store. >> quick, we have to hold him. and fast! >> i'll show you why this is good news for defenders of the big three. >>> plus, the ridiculous bail in the pistorius trial. >>> and everybody in the office is making oscar picks. >> everybody? >> nate silver is playing the odds, and i'm playing my gut. >> don't waste that power. >> the big picks are coming up. >> get that out of here. >> good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. we are one week away from devastating federal government spending cuts to kick in. republican strategy so far is to keep repeating the lies about the sequester over and over again to catapult the propaganda. >> we're weeks away from the president's sequester, and the president laid out a plan to eliminate the kuester and the harmful cuts that come as a result of it. >> speaker boehner has his members in lockstep
:00. nascar crash injuries 30 people in the stands an hour before the race. m.c. hammer arrested and the amazing video captured by dash cams in russia. >>> good evening, i'm bait baits. 33 people were injured in a nascar race when a crash sent people went into the fence. several cars collided impact sent a car into the air. laugh a part was ripped apart. crews have since fixed the fence. daytona 500 will go ahead as scheduled tomorrow. >> new details in the death aspiring oakland rapper kenny cherry, jr.. they tracked down a black range rover. they found it at an apartment complex east of the las vegas strip. they are looking for a 26-year-old man. two others were killed when the car he was driving crashed into a taxi. >> police are searching for the people who fired shots at an a.c. transit bus overnight. it happened at 55th and international boulevard other night. none the passengers was struck by gunfire but some of them had minor injuries after trying to escape the shots. >>> a gun buy-back was so popular ra it ran out of money. they collected 350 firearms. >> police officers
for the daytona 500. she is the first to secure the top spot for immigrants and nascar's primary circuit -- top spot for nascar's premier circuit. >> if she wins, she will be the most famous female athlete. >> she will start in the front row of they's race. -- they's race. honey a basketball fans saw basketball fans. >> this what get out of canada heart behind it. the basketball court sinks a shot from half court. everyone goes crazy. the coach won a prize. the money was for a students to wishing. one lucky student has all of his classes paid for. >> very cool. we are back wi ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ woman ] looks like another glorious week in florida. ♪ ♪ that...was...awesome. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] how do you make your family vacation this epic? go to >> hundreds of items once a owned by president. f kennedy have been auctioned up. this one for 620 $9,000 during the auction in massachusetts. there were other items up for sale. they are from a curator of a museum. >> i would want to wear that. >> it is a coat kind of day. it will be a little co
the story. amazingly, no one was killed. >> that is the bright side. the video nascar had to take down. the debris went flying into the stands after one of 10 cars went into the air and smashed into the stands. the violent crash came on the final lap of the nascar nationwide series race. that is rookie kyle larson's car going airborne. the front end of his car ripped off, a piece of the burning engine -- and and launched into the offense. >> luckily i was all right and could get out of the car quick. >> remarkably, the ten driveres deval were ok but more than two dozen suspects -- two dozen spectators were injured. >> we had the appropriate person now in place and transported individuals that need care off property. >> the chaor began when reagan smith may move to block coming into the final turn. >> i made the move, he blocked it than that started a chain of events that caused that wreck. >> tony stewart slipped by for the win. repair crews immediately got busy, gearing up for the superbowl of. raising of >> we are confident it will be ready. >> the crash remains under investigation.
are happy with what happened at nascar. >> and right now i am getting reports of light sprinkles showing up. that is just the beginning. there is rain headed your way. i will give you a detailed time line, it will be wet, see you back here in 10 minutes. you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. >>> fire destroyed four house boats in new jersey. the fire began on one of the boats and strong winds carried the flames to the other three. no one was on board any of the boats. no reports of injuries. investigators are looking for the cause of the fire. >>> right now danica patrick is one of the biggest names in racing and this weekend she took the poll position for the daytona 500. >> ken pritchett is live where he found several female racers but they drive something different than danica patrick. ken? >> reporter: it is quiet right here but it was noisy all day with drag racing on the schedule. drag racing is a different sport than nascar but as for danica patrick's accomplishment, the drivers
in nascar. we'll look at how her race to pole position has kind of i guess brought new popularity to her and to the sport. >>> and the first lady like we've never seen her before as she let loose on the dance floor. sort of kind of on late night television. this is $100,000. we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally. ally bank. your money needs an ally. overmany discounts to thine customers! [old english accent] safe driver, multi-car, paid in full -- a most fulsome bounty indeed, lord jamie. thou cometh and we thy saveth! what are you doing? we doth offer so many discounts, we have some to spare. oh, you have any of those homeowners discounts? here we go. thank you. he took my shield, my lady. these are troubling times in the kingdom. more discounts than we knoweth what to do with. now that's progressive. schwab bank was built with all the value and convenience tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 in
. for the first time, she is the leader of the pack on the nascar track. how does tiny danica patrick have the physical strength to outrace the guys? >>> good evening. and a good holiday to you. and we begin tonight with an international call to action on the long, volatile battle inside syria, a battle that has so many repercussions for the united states. today, a u.n. panel declared it's time to bring charges, using those two powerful words, war crimes. and they say the crimes were committed not just by the government of president assad, but by his mysterious opposition, as well. so, as the battle rages closer to the capital of damascus, our terry moran has made the dangerous journey into the heart of the simmering conflict. he is in damascus itself. >> reporter: the road from beirut to damascus. we drove into syria along this heavily guarded route -- checkpoint after checkpoint after checkpoint. it is now a lifeline, as damascus, the stronghold of the government of president bashar assad, becomes a city under siege. it is a dirty war, in a crucial country. just look at the map. the kay
are expected tomorrow. a violent nascar pileup raises questions of how to protect the fans. >> we started seeing stuff fly everywhere. >> pelley: mark strassmann with one close call. and who owns the voices of those who died in the world trade center? hollywood or the families? seth doane with the controversy over "zero dark thirty." >> it's a treasure to remember. it's a treasured message. it's ours. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. to be honest, we were his tent at first to begin this broadcast with yet another scientific study about what we should or should not eat. but our dr. jon lapook brought us what he says is the most definitive study yet that the so-called mediterranean diet-- including olive oil and nuts, wine, and fish can prevent the leading cause of death in america: heart disease. and it does it much better than the low-fat diet can. jon has more on why we should pay attention to this study and what it found. >> reporter: today's study compared the mediterranean diet to a low-fat diet among nearly 7,500 p
>>> welcome to "world news." tonight, daytona drama. nascar's big race goes on after the horrifying crash that left dozens of spectators injured. the scramble overnight to make the rerpds. and we ask, how safe of fans? one famous driver calling for more to be done to protect them. >>> whiteout, hail and tornadoes in a whiteout. the wild weather coming this week. our ginger zee is on storm watch in the heartland. >>> final blessing. the enormous crowd to hear pope benedict deliver his last public words of prayer. this as more cardinals are asked today to skip the election of a new pope. >>> and the academy awards, the show stopping finale. the brand new host. >> the biggest challenge is going to be getting there on time. i think it starts at 5:30. >> and meet the only two people on earth who already know who the winners are. >> good evening, everyone. thank you so much for joining us on this spd night. i'm paula faris. davis mur is on assignment. we begin with the dramatic start to the nascar season. the stadium packed with 167,000 fans for the celebrated daytona 500 today. they were
today. danica patrick becomes the first woman ever, woman driver in the history of nascar to win a pole position and she did it at the sport's biggest race. patrick posted a qualifying lap of almost 200 miles an hour. she will share the front row next sunday with jeff gordon. >> ultimately at the end of the day, too, everything happens for a reason. i've thought about it and i thought about how i was kind of a favorite pole going in. you know what? maybe i wasn't ready. maybe it would have been hard on me. maybe my life would have changeded and been different. i just feel like i'm comfortable and cool. i've been around for a long time now and maybe now was the time. >> it's your time, it's your time. this will be patrick's first full season in nascar sprint series. i'll talk to her life in the "cnn newsroom" in just a few minutes. >>> more serious news. oscar pistorius has dropped out of several races, including one set for april here in the united states. although he is under contract to run, his management company says he dropped out to deal with the charges he now faces. he's accused
at speed and former nascar driver and owner. let me ask you in general, your overall thoughts about the race? >> you know, obviously they call it the great american race. if was a decent race. with the new cars, toyotas and chevys, everyone is feeling this car out, the gen 6 car. once they got in the race, they got more comfortable with it the last 24, 30 miles of the race pretty good. pretty fantastic. >> not a lot of passing, the last lap looked like it would line up for big drama maybe not so much. let me ask you this. danica patrick was slipped from third to eighth on the last lap. seemed a little disappointed by what happened. did she have reason to be disappointed about the last lap? >> i think there were a lot of people disappointed. denny hamlin was disappointed. if you follow these people on twitter, a lot of people thought they had better runs and the finish didn't show that. danica one of them. she ran an incredibly solid good race. wouldn't be a great race unless you win. she ran solid, in the top five, top ten, still finished eighth. she should hold her head proud. i ha
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